Recreation Co-ordinator

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Areas Of Interest:   Sport & Fitness
Certificate Level:  Certificate IV
Certificate Name:  Certificate IV in Sport and Recreation
Certificate Description:  Recreation Co-ordinators lead teams of community recreation employees and develop, support and coordinate sport and recreation programs and services.
Code:  SIS40115
Work Type:  Nature & Recreation Organising & Clerical

Skills & Knowledge you will learn

Identify risk and apply risk management processes
Develop work priorities
Respond effectively to behaviours of concern
Provide first aid
Maintain work health and safety
Address client needs
Develop and review budgets for activities or projects
Analyse participation patterns
Coordinate work teams or groups
Develop and maintain stakeholder relationships
Coordinate client service activities
Manage a small team
Undertake project work
Contribute to leisure and health programming
Support youth programs
Develop and maintain networks and collaborative partnerships
Conduct sport, fitness or recreation events