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Areas Of Interest:   Gardening, Parks & Nurseries
Certificate Level:  Certificate III
Certificate Name:  Certificate III in Horticulture
Certificate Description:  Horticulturalists grow and maintain plants and planted areas, construct garden features, and apply treatments to improve plant growth and control pests in commercial and domestic gardens.
Code:  AHC30716
Work Type:  Nature & Recreation Practical & Manual

Skills & Knowledge you will learn

Contribute to work health and safety processes
Provide information on plants and their culture
Control weeds
Control plant pests, diseases and disorders
Implement soil improvements for garden and turf areas
Implement a tree protection program
Install metal structures and features
Implement a plant nutrition program
Prepare and apply chemicals
Maintain nursery plants
Implement a plant establishment program
Implement a landscape maintenance program
Implement a tree transplanting program
Identify plant specimens
Troubleshoot irrigation systems
Operate machinery and equipment