Veterinary Nurse

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Areas Of Interest:   Animals - Farm, Domestic & Wildlife
Certificate Level:  Certificate IV
Certificate Name:  Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing
Certificate Description:  Employees assist veterinarians in the examination, treatment and rehabilitation of sick and injured animals. They also interact with clients and perform receptionist duties. Note: entry requirements apply.
Code:  ACM40418
Work Type:  Nature & Recreation Practical & Manual

Skills & Knowledge you will learn

Identify animal anatomy and physiology for animal care work
Communicate effectively with clients and team members
Comply with infection control policies and procedures in animal work
Carry out daily practice routines
Coordinate veterinary reception duties
Apply imaging routines
Perform clinic pathology procedures
Perform clinic office procedures
Coordinate and perform surgical nursing routines
Nurse animals
Carry out medical nursing routines
Provide nutritional advice and support for animals
Provide specific animal care advice
Carry out veterinary dental nursing procedures
Prepare for anaesthesia and monitor animal anaesthesia and analgesia
Assist with the preparation of veterinary drugs and poisons
Contribute to workplace and safety processes
Implant microchip in cats and dogs
Prepare, deliver and review animal care education programs
Coordinate practice promotional activities
Develop and implement specific practice policies