Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Mechanic – Engineering Trade

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Areas Of Interest:   Electrical & Electronic
Certificate Level:  Certificate III
Certificate Name:  Certificate III in Engineering - Electrical/Electronic Trade
Certificate Description:  Employees use skills, knowledge and techniques to install, maintain, fault find, and repair electronic components, sub assemblies and systems, including microprocessor-based equipment. Fault finding and diagnostic techniques form an important component of an electronic tradesperson's work requiring precision electronic measurement using a full range of electronic measuring equipment. Work also includes repairs of components and sub-assemblies, including repairs of electronic circuit boards. Metal, Engineering and Associated Industries Award classification on completion: C10
Code:  MEM30405
Work Type:  Analytic & Scientific Practical & Manual

Skills & Knowledge you will learn

Perform engineering measurements
Perform computations
Apply principles of occupational health and safety in the work environment
Plan to undertake a routine task
Plan a complete activity
Apply quality systems
Apply quality procedures
Organise and communicate information
Work with others in a manufacturing, engineering or related environment
Interact with computing technology
Assist in the delivery of on the job training
Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices
Perform manual soldering/desoldering – electrical/electronic components
Perform high reliability soldering and desoldering
Interpret technical drawing
Terminate and connect electrical wiring
Perform electrical/electronic measurement
Perform precision electrical/electronic measurement
Use hand tools
Use power tools/handheld operations
Fault find/repair electrical equipment/components up to 240 volts single phase supply
Disconnect/reconnect fixed wired equipment up to 1000 volts a.c./ 1500 volts d.c.
Diagnose and repair analog equipment and components
Maintain/service analog/digital electronic equipment
Modify electronic equipment
Terminate signal and data cable
Diagnose and repair digital equipment and components
Undertake manual handling
Operate in a self directed team
Diagnose and repair microprocessor-based equipment