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Have you ever dreamed of mastering all the pro make up artist skills and techniques? Found yourself devouring make up tutorial vids to nail the best liquid eyeliner flick or learn how to apply flawless foundation and contour like a boss?

Then why not step your skills up a gear with a Make Up Artistry Course?

Our Make Up Artistry Certificate will teach you all the theoretical and practical knowledge you need to build a killer career as a make up artist. Whether that’s starting your own salon, working from home or developing your current abilities to wow an employer and gain an advantage over other job applicants, you’ll learn how to confidently create fresh and fierce looks for formal occasions, weddings and even for the fashion and entertainment industry!

Developed by industry professionals, this Online Make Up Artistry Course includes a combination of video tutorials and text-based learning, with a custom-designed kit delivered straight to your door to help you become a true make up marvel. This certificate is perfect for anyone who wants to master all these essential skills quickly and affordably, whilst learning from the best of the best.

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If you’ve ever dreamed of creating curlier, luscious-looking lashes, or wished for a way to make your eyes look bigger and brighter without resorting to falsies, then chances are your clients have too. And luckily, there is the perfect solution: Eyelash Lift and Tints!

Completing an Eyelash Lift and Tint Course is the ideal way to expand your existing skillset, with the opportunity to train under industry professionals and master the essential steps to offer your clients longer, fuller and darker-looking lashes. Through a Lash Lift and Tint Certification, you will not only acquire a comprehensive understanding of hair structure and anatomy, how to lift lashes without causing damage and how to design lashes for different eye shapes, you will also be able to perfect the best application aftercare and reversing techniques too.

Whether your clients are brides-to-be, photoshoot models or individuals who you’re simply helping to feel beautiful both inside and out, undertaking a Lash Lift and Tint Course Online can give you the essential knowledge and tools to become a real beauty therapy pro.

Our course contents are designed to be simple, flexible and fun for students of all abilities, regardless if you’re just starting out or looking to develop an established career. This training includes both text-based learning and guided video demonstration, with full tutor support to ensure you achieve your certificate in seamless style.

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Fix those flyaways: why every beauty therapist needs to master the art of Eyebrow Lamination

Whether your clients are clamouring for a supermodel-worthy full, thick look, a fashionable, feathery finish or deeply defined arches, mastering the art of Eyebrow Lamination will benefit any beauty therapy business.

Completing an Eyebrow Lamination Course Online and learning the steps to craft runway-ready brows will not only add to your expertise, but it will also mean you’re able to tap into one of the most popular (and thriving) trends to sweep across Australia and Instagram itself. Slicked-up, high shine and smooth brows are taking the fashion industry by storm and the demand for this skill is not set to end anytime soon.

With our Eyebrow Lamination Course, you will be tutored by experienced industry professionals, who will instruct you in understanding the importance of hair structure, selecting the correct product types, preparation processes, brow shaping theory and application, practical aftercare, and how to protect yourself legally.

Text-based study, comprehensive video tutorials and a custom-beauty kit will give you everything you need to complete your Eyebrow Lamination Course Certificate with style and finesse. Whatever the size of your beauty therapy business, or if you’re simply looking to increase your skillset, this education will give you the essential theoretical and practical training to offer your clients this fast, non-invasive and fabulously fierce service.

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Become a beauty brow boss by studying online.

Unruly and bushy? Sparse and patchy? Hellish, aggravating brows will become a thing of the past for both you and your clients when you nail the art of Eyebrow Waxing & Tinting.

With our Eyebrow Wax and Tint Course, you’ll learn how to shape eyebrows to transform a face, creating a flattering frame for the forehead, eyes, nose, lips and chin, whilst crafting a thicker and more youthful-looking brow. Through waxing, tweezing, trimming and tinting, you’ll be equipped with the skills to shape flawless eyebrows which would even make Cara Delevigne jealous!

Each unit has been designed by experienced industry experts and includes written resources and video tutorials, giving you the comprehensive training you need to complete your Eyebrow Wax and Tint Certificate in impeccable style. With a top-quality beauty kit also delivered directly to your door, you’ll have the essential toolkit to define, design and tint like a pro, creating the most Instagram-worthy brows around.

Whether you’re an employee in a salon seeking to expand your existing expertise or you’re looking to build up your own beauty salon, this education is ideal for beauty therapists at any stage.

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What are the secrets of applying flawlessly streak-free spray tan? How do unique skin types absorb tan differently? How do I offer bespoke spray tan consultations to my clients?

If you’ve ever asked yourself any of these questions or wondered how you too can train to a professional spray tanning standard, completing a Spray Tan Certification is the ideal pathway to master this advanced ability and grow your skillset.

Through a combination of text-based study, guided video tutorials and a customised spray tan kit delivered directly to your door, you’ll gain access to all the essential theoretical and practical education you need to nail the top spray tanning techniques.

Each lesson is curated by our industry professionals, making this Advanced Spray Tanning Course perfect for beauty therapists of all abilities. Whether you’re completely new to spray tanning and looking to begin your own business or you’d love to refine your abilities and wow your clients.
We’ve designed our Spray Tan Course to be simple, flexible and packed full of the key training you need to succeed. You’ll learn everything from dermis fundamentals to how to use and maintain your spray tan equipment to the best aftercare practices. When you receive your Certificate of Attainment, it’s true that you’ll simply glow!

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When it comes to non-permanent brow filling, Eyebrow Henna is the most fabulously fresh trend on the block – and it’s swiftly becoming one of the most popular treatments around!

By completing an Eyebrow Henna Course Certification, you can help your clients ditch the painful drama of microblading or the lengthy process of pencilling in defined, natural-looking eyebrows. As Eyebrow Henna uses natural ingredients suitable for a range of skin types, you’ll be able to use this professional skill to effortlessly structure, shape and correct even the trickiest of brows.

With our Eyebrow Henna Course, you will learn all the essential steps to flawlessly apply a range of henna products, understand various hair structures, form, map and colour match brows, provide aftercare and ensure you have the key legalities in place.

Taking this Eyebrow Henna Certification Online means you’ll enjoy complete, flexible access to training developed by true industry professionals. With a mixture of teaching formats to support your learning, including text-based resources, guided video tutorials and a curated henna kit delivered straight to your door, you will complete your training fully equipped to create fierce, gorgeous-looking brows.

Wow your current clients or impress your employer by mastering this hugely in-demand beauty therapy technique!

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If you’ve ever wondered how to master the magic of lush-looking lash extensions, found yourself debating the advantages of classic vs volume lashes with friends or clients, or spent hours scouring social media for stunning lash looks… then a Certification in Advanced Eyelash Extension is the natural next step for you!

Completing a Lash Certification Online will equip you with both the theoretical and practical expertise to effectively apply and remove individual lashes and lash clusters, adapt extensions to the client’s eye shape, and style Instagram-worthy full, luscious lashes. Whether you’re new to the lash game and looking to kickstart your own salon or home-based business, or you’re simply excited to nail this new skill, our comprehensive online course is perfect for beauty therapy bosses of all abilities.

Every element of our Eyelash Extension Course has been created by industry professionals, who guide you through the essential steps to master this art form via video tutorial, text-based learning and mannequin practice. And not to forget your bespoke beauty kit, included in your course price.

This certificate is ideal if you want to master the advanced techniques for applying flawless eyelash extensions, enjoy full tutor support from an eyelash extension expert and study in a flexible, fun manner.

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Take your passion for nails to a professional level by learning how to design salon-quality manicures and pedicures, as well as acrylic and gel enhancements. You’ll also learn how to set up your own business, brand your business and build up a loyal clientele.

Our advanced certificate in nails will provide you with hands-on experience practising your new skills, and receive real constructive feedback from experienced trainers. Your course will come with a nail kit to complete your training and assessments.

Buff & Co has tailor-made this package with a special component for training in social media, a phone consultation with a qualified Melbourne accountant to assist you in setting up your ABN, business name, insurance and anything else you need assistance with to start your own business or become a valued employee (including XERO), a complimentary spray tan course for an extra addition to your business and assistance with finding models to work on throughout your training and to sit your assessments.

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Mega Volume Eyelash Extensions is the newest and most highly sought after, niche area of the Eyelash Extensions industry. Taught by one of Australia’s leading Mega Volume pioneers, get in early to this hard to come by lash technique, you’ll be guaranteed to stand out. Be known as a lash master in your area and put a huge gap on all your competitors. This type of lashing features the thickest and darkest, fluffy lashes the world has ever seen! Guaranteed to build a loyal clientele who can’t find “just any other lash tech” to provide them with the work and style you have created for them.

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Eyelash Extensions is a 5.8 billion dollar industry which is growing every year! A typical Eyelash technician can earn anywhere up to $5,000 per week, but not limited to either, simply working in just a small professional set up in her own home. If you want to work your own hours and have unlimited growth opportunities working in a salon or running your own business then this course is for you! Buff and Co Lash Professionals has 10+ years in the Eyelash and Beauty industry, providing thousands of students over the years with the knowledge and skills to succeed and produce some of the best known lash businesses around Australia and worldwide.

This Program includes Classic eyelash extension techniques which are the latest in the industry and is guaranteed to have you stand out against your competitors.

This course also comes with on-going support including building up a raving clientele and business model. You will have discounts on future courses taken with Buff & Co Lash Professionals and be invited to their Facebook community consisting of 1 main page and 3 closed groups which plays as our virtual classroom but most importantly you will have Jessica Buff as a mentor to take your Lash Career wherever you would like it to go.