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Monarch’s BSB61015 Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management has been developed to accelerate your career as a manager and leader. Whether you are currently working in a leadership and management position, or want to obtain that role, this qualification will equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to achieve your career goals.

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Monarch’s Diploma of Project Management (BSB51415) gives you the skills to learn how to manage projects like a pro, and with all the best practices. Your course material is completely compatible with PMBOK (6th Edition) and ISO 21500:2016. It also refers to the principles of PRINCE2.

Project management isn’t just about cracking a whip. It’s about getting your staff, contractors and client-side stakeholders confident and ready to produce great results. As a Project Manager, your skills in planning, organisation, communication and negotiation will help your team produce something that’s more than the sum of its parts.

There’s a huge demand for qualified Project Managers across a variety of industries, and you need to be guided by an experienced project manager, like Gary Hatfield, our course writer. He’s a certified practising project director, a professional member of the Australian Institute of Project Management, and a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Getting a formal qualification in project management means learning a breadth of skills you can use no matter where your new career takes you.

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The perfect kick-start to your management career, this online short course will ensure a smooth transition from teammate to highly capable and successful team leader. Examining ways to build credibility and trust, you’ll discover how to provide direction, motivate your team and monitor performance effectively with clear objectives in mind. You’ll also gain an understanding of the skills you need to respond to changing circumstances and overcome common challenges.

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People are your greatest asset. This online short course reveals how using emotional intelligence in your communication and behaviour as a leader can engage your staff, create meaningful relationships and facilitate team cohesion. Find out how to leverage diversity, promote productivity and manage conflict as you develop a winning performance culture in your organisation.

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Gain the practical tools and techniques you need to plan for your organisation’s future. Analyse internal and external environments to determine strategic goals, then create strategic plans to future-proof your business. From ‘the vision’ to executing the business plan, you’ll learn how to create realistic yet ambitious plans that support the growth and financial sustainability of your organisation.

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Project management is the world’s fastest growing profession. A job for life is now being replaced by shorter term contracts or project work, and individuals now experiencing 5-7 career changes in their working life, project management is a discipline that offers flexibility in the face of an ever-changing world.

Project management is also becoming a core skill set for managers, coordinators and team leaders. Anyone responsible for organising, managing, monitoring and reviewing workflow will gain significant increases in productivity and overall effectiveness by adopting the Project Management methodology.

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This nationally recognised qualification is designed to give you the knowledge and know‐how to develop into a professional manager in any business or workplace environment.

During your studies you’ll learn how to apply more sophisticated management techniques including team effectiveness, dealing with people and performance issues, developing operational plans, and using emotional intelligence to guide and inspire teams.

This course is ideal for those who are pursuing a management career and can set up you for a successful transition into team leadership, supervisory and business management roles.

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Are you ready to take on a challenging and enriching postgraduate program to support your career as a leader? Are you considering your pathway towards achieving a full MBA? The Graduate Certificate in Management could be the perfect next step for you.

Why embark on a Graduate Certificate in Management?

Designed for ambitious managers with a minimum of two years’ hands-on management experience and a prior qualification*, the Graduate Certificate in Management is available in study modes such as face-to-face, online or a blend of both, providing you with the opportunity to structure a postgraduate program around your professional development.

Through units hand-selected by our Academic Director, the Graduate Certificate offers you the opportunity to enhance and formalise your senior management skills and gain a postgraduate qualification that supports your career development. It will ensure you’re knowledgeable with the fundamental areas of management, finance, leadership and more. By completing the 4 units of the Graduate Certificate, you could be on your pathway to a Master of Business Administration.

*No prior qualification? No worries. With as little as 5 years relevant management experience you too could be on your postgraduate study journey with the AIM Business School.

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‘Australia’s #1 industry focused online degree. A game changer in management education.’

  • Study managerial communication, corporate structuring, project management and business model analysis. Lead high performing teams and utilise technology to identify risks, opportunities and maximise ROI. Secure your future with real-world learning.
  • No exams. Benefit from practical education where you can choose the topic of your assignments and tailor the degree to your career goals
  • Over 44% Of Ducere students gained an increase in remuneration or a promotion before graduating
  • Receive dynamic insights from a global faculty of 250+ world leaders, including Presidents, Prime Ministers, billionaires, philanthropists, Fortune 500 CEOs, Start-up Pioneers, Nobel Peace Prize Winners and more

If you’re ready to stand out from the crowd and to distinguish yourself as a workplace innovator, then this is the degree for you!

In an era of rapid economic and technological disruption, traditional business models have given way to new opportunities, new challenges, and new perspectives. With that in mind, this Bachelor of Applied Business (Management) combines the fundamentals of management and business leadership with the practical enterprise skills needed to lead in a truly global world.

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The Bachelor of Applied Business will provide you with a broad foundation of skills required for a range of roles in the business world.

Those seeking to change careers, move into a new role or start their own enterprise will find the content of this course invaluable. Studying an applied business qualification will introduce you to the workings of organisations and their structure, increase your commercial awareness and allow you to build practical knowledge that will be essential for your future career goals.