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Build your dream marketing career with Australia’s most practical online degree.’

  • Learn the latest tools of brand development, digital strategy and campaign management. Acquire real skills in market research, content planning and digital disruption by creating bespoke marketing plans as part of your degree
  • Be empowered with the skills to analyse global markets, explore new strategies and collaborate with teams to create and run effective campaigns
  • No Exams. Benefit from a unique learning and assessment model focused on practical industry skills, achieved through holistic and applied assessment tasks. Complete assignments relevant to you, your current workplace and your future business. Work on meaningful case studies and innovative marketing projects
  • Over 44% Of Ducere students received a salary increase or a promotion before graduating
  • Receive exclusive insights from a global faculty of 250+ world leaders, including Presidents, Prime Ministers, billionaires, philanthropists, Fortune 500 CEOs, Start-up Pioneers, Nobel Peace Prize Winners and more

To succeed in this evolving jobs market, you’ll need a functional and strategic understanding of the modern economy and the ways in which consumer expectations influence the choices that businesses make. That is why this Bachelor of Applied Business (Marketing) combines the fundamentals of marketing, design and campaign strategy with a practical understanding of the modern innovation economy that will catapult your career to new heights.

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With the business world rapidly changing, and an increased focus on globalisation, automation and collaboration, it is no longer simply a great product that gives you a competitive advantage. Businesses are increasingly looking for innovative, memorable and delightful customer experiences to set themselves apart.

Using real-life examples, this course will explore in-depth customer-experience analysis, optimisation and strategy, UX design and customer journey mapping to create unique user experiences that can be immediately applied back in your workplace.

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The Undergraduate Level 4 (Sales and Marketing) and Level 5 (Extended Diploma in Management) are a 240 credit course designed to fast-track students to the final year of an associated Undergraduate degree in Sales and Marketing, which can either be completed via distance learning.

The Level 4 modules and assignments of this course are equivalent to the first year of a University Degree and the Level 5 modules and assignments are equivalent to the second year of a University Degree.

This course is made up of 10 Level 4 modules (120 credits) and 10 level 5 modules (120 credits), each level also includes 10 written assignments. If a student decides to only study at Level 4 they will receive 120 credits and can apply for an exemption from the first year of a University Degree course.

Each module consists of approximately 40 guided learning hours of material with an additional 30-50 hours of optional learning material. These materials comprise recommended exercises, recommended readings and internet resources.

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Learn to profile a market, conduct relevant research, promote products and services, devise campaigns that cut through, and analyse consumer behaviour for specific outcomes with a Certificate IV in Marketing and Communications. This entry-level qualification will set you on a successful path to marketing greatness!

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The Bachelor of Applied Business (Marketing Major) will provide you with a foundation of business and key marketing skills. The skills and knowledge available in this qualification are highly desirable in a wide range of roles in the business world.

Those seeking to change careers, move into a new marketing/sales-related role or start their own enterprise will find the content of this course invaluable. The Marketing Major is designed for roles requiring a good working knowledge of research skills, market and consumer analysis, media planning and marketing strategies. This is also invaluable when working with external media and marketing-related agencies.

Studying an applied business qualification will introduce you to the workings of organisations and their structure, increase your commercial marketing awareness, and allow you to build practical knowledge that will be essential for your future career goals.

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Social media has completely revolutionised the way in which people create, consume and share information.

Used effectively, social media marketing can build brand awareness, improve brand loyalty, boost search engine rankings, increase web traffic, convert more customers, lower marketing costs and increase revenue.

Our course will teach you how to become a social media expert, and how to successfully develop and implement a social media marketing strategy.

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Our Bachelor of Journalism is designed to help you master the digital journalism skills now expected by the media industry across all TV, audio, print, social and digital platforms. Get extensive hands-on practice in mobile journalism and data journalism, along with news research, feature writing, audio journalism, video, photography, international reporting, ethics and media law.

Become a working journalist from day one as you experience the rush of meeting deadlines and complete specialist journalism training in your chosen elective. Designed and taught by industry professionals, this course focuses on innovative practices and project-based learning. Small classes (25 or fewer students) feature personalised teaching that nurtures each student’s unique strengths. You’ll work on real stories across all media platforms, both individually and in teams, and contribute to the national award-winning student-run journalism website Hatch.

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Enhance your career prospects with an online Undergraduate Certificate in Hospitality Marketing designed to elevate your hospitality leadership credentials with industry-focused, transferable skills for management roles in a range of organisations and service industries.

Explore key aspects of media management, sponsorship & evaluation; discover sustainable eco-tourism & quality control processes in the tourism industry; understand customer-centric marketing operations from a global context, the marketing mix & integrated communication strategies; learn about destination management and marketing, & stakeholder management.

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Our journalism courses are centred around creativity and innovation, preparing you to succeed in the dynamic fast-paced news media industry. Learn the key disciplines of investigative journalism, international journalism, television reporting, audio journalism and photojournalism. Develop valuable skills in long-form journalism, MOJO (mobile journalism), social media journalism, video, audio and visual storytelling. Learn how to question, research and report as you cover breaking news and trending topics both individually and in teams.

Designed and taught by experienced industry professionals, the Diploma of Journalism course focuses on the latest digital trends in journalism and newsroom practice. Small classes (25 or fewer students) encourage participation and allow for unprecedented personalised teaching and one-on-one guidance.

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If you’re interested in growth and innovation, marketing is the field for you. Gain essential business skills of a marketing professional to launch your career. From consumer research to strategy and optimisation, marketing is an essential business function — and skilled marketing professionals are in high demand. In this course, you’ll learn to coordinate and integrate all marketing communications (advertising, public relations, sales promotions and personal selling) and maximise impact on customers and stakeholders. The Diploma of Marketing also covers a broad overview of business concepts, including entrepreneurship projects if you’re interested in setting up businesses of your own.

At Macleay, most of your studies will be centred around group and individual projects. You’ll work on real-life challenges with your peers and industry-based teachers in a creative learning environment where everyone has a voice. Small classes encourage participation and allow for unprecedented personalised teaching and one-on-one guidance. A Diploma of Marketing gives you a real-world entry-level qualification, as well as a pathway into a degree. Graduating with a one-year diploma means you’re halfway there with Macleay! Upon successful completion of this course, you’ll have the opportunity to articulate into the second year of the Bachelor of Business program.