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The Certificate IV in Allied Health Assistance (Nutrition and Dietetics Specialisation) is a nationally recognised training qualification which teaches you how to implement health care program activities, confirm a patient’s physical health status, interpret and apply medical terminology and follow safe work practices for direct client care. The elective nutrition and dietetics specialisation course units have been developed to teach you how to evaluate menus, meet individualised plans and monitor and implement therapeutic diets.

A qualification in Cert IV in Allied Health Assistance (Nutrition and Dietetics Specialisation) opens up employment opportunities across the healthcare and well-being sectors where you can perform a vital role in health and community sectors, including rehabilitation centres, allied health, health promotion and hospital food service departments.

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Always dreamed of knowing how to get the best results from your training sessions or working in the Health and Fitness industry? This course is perfect if you are wanting to gain the skills and knowledge to apply dietary interventions to help you or your clients achieve maximum performance. Sportspeople have special dietary needs to help them fulfil their athletic potential.

This course starts by laying the foundations of how we absorb food, an overview of the different components of food and the basics of nutrient disorders. The second module will help you understand sports nutrition, nutrition for fitness, sports supplements, and the relationships between performance, health, and food.

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Are you passionate about health and nutrition? Maybe you have thought about turning that passion into a career?

This course provides you with the core knowledge and understanding to make an immediate impact in the nutrition industry. Unlike a dietitian degree which requires four years of study this certificate gives you a fast tracked entry into a career in this field while you can take some time to establish if further study in this area is an option for you.

This course will build your foundation knowledge into nutrition, health, wellbeing and the key concepts that you require to branch out into more specialised areas such sports nutrition, children’s nutrition, specialised weight loss and much more! The certificate also has a wide range of electives that allows you to study the specific areas of nutrition that you would like to specialise in.

This course is going to be perfect for anyone looking for employment in this field, looking to start their own consulting/coaching business or even someone who considers themselves a bit of a ‘health enthusiast’.

+ Includes Bonus Modules on Instagram and Facebook Marketing including a phone appointment with one of our qualified accountants to assist in setting up your business for those wanting to start their own business.

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The 10136NAT Diploma of Nutrition (non-clinical advisor) gives you the tools and knowledge to assist your career in the health and fitness industries.

As industry experts in health and fitness, we have developed this nationally accredited course within the national dietary guidelines, to be applied in a non-clinical setting.

This course gives you a firm understanding of the fundamental principles of nutrition including:

  • Basic medical knowledge about the human body
  • How to provide specialised nutritional advice and evaluate general health, wellbeing and lifestyle.

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This course is eligible for a Commonwealth Supported Place.

The Undergraduate Certificate in Building Health Through Nutrition allows students to obtain a comprehensive understanding of human nutrition and introduces students to food-based science, including food spoilage, food additives, and natural toxins. The certificate helps students understand how food components interact with the body’s biochemistry to how this applies in managing immunity or maintaining a healthy weight throughout one’s lifespan. Entry into this certificate assumes prior knowledge of human biology and biochemistry.