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A nature park can be any area that aims to preserve a natural environment or natural plant and animal life. Take a step toward a career working in the management of Parks, Reserves, Zoos, National Parks, Wilderness areas and the like.

This course enables you to Learn about and gain employment in natural environments designed to help you develop an understanding of basic ecological principles, nature park design, soil management, plant maintenance and land rehabilitation.

You will also gain invaluable insights about plants and how to use them to create natural, balanced ecosystems, creating nature trails, building rockeries and pathways, construct ponds and watercourses.

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Landscaping is much more than grabbing a spade and getting stuck into it. It requires a knowledge of how to pre-plan your design, an understanding of the important landscaping elements, the types of materials that are needed to create the perfect garden and how to bring it all together to develop the perfect space.

This course is designed for people looking to either work within the landscaping industry or to start their own landscaping business. If you’re looking to secure a job in the industry, having knowledge about the technical skills of landscaping will help you get over the line and secure a highly coveted jobs and if you’re looking to start a business after having worked in the industry for some time, knowledge of the technical details is a must!

In this course, you will be walked through everything you need to achieve your landscaping goals.

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Become a wildlife warrior and be part of a highly rewarding industry with our Certificate in Wildlife Conservation and Management. This highly practical and up to date course will teach you the practical and theoretical skills you need to be successful and highly valued in this industry.

The course begins with units on wildlife conservation, which focus on assessing, managing and protecting local flora and fauna as well as their habitats. You’ll also learn about wildlife conservation theory and threatened species recovery.

From there, our course goes deeper into the most effective management strategies for wildlife population including captive breeding and habitat management. This will give you a strong foundation to make a real impact in this vital field.

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Get Qualified as a NatHERS Assessor

Kickstart your career in a rapidly expanding sector or build on your current skills with the CPP41119 Certificate IV in Home Energy Efficiency and Sustainability. We’ll give you the knowledge you need to assess residential building plans and existing buildings for thermal performance and potential improvements, and to advise on thermal efficiency and sustainability in today’s houses.

Only Accredited NatHERS Assessors can issue the coloured Accredited Universal Certificate for NatHERS and stamp plans with the official NatHERS logo and with over 70% of new buildings being rated by accredited NatHERS assessors, a huge opportunity exists to earn extra income.

Home sustainability is a similarly growing field in Australia, as the legal sustainability requirements for residential buildings increase and individual householders seek to reduce their personal impact on the environment.

By becoming an accredited NatHERS thermal performance assessor and/or home sustainability assessor, you can join the small number of busy recognised professionals in these fields across Australia.

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Are you passionate about the environment? Do you love spending time in wildlife parks and nature reserves? Want to know how to design a picnic ground or nature trail? Do you want to learn more about what makes a healthy natural ecosystem? Then this course is for you.

Designed to give you a holistic and comprehensive introduction into nature park management, you will learn about natural environments, and the management of zoos, wildlife parks and nature reserves. You will develop an understanding of basic ecological principles, nature park design, soil management, plant maintenance and land rehabilitation, to provide you the skills and knowledge you need to successfully manage a nature park or reserve.

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Do you have an interest in the environment, enjoy being outdoors and hands-on? Would you like to further your study to gain a career in the natural resource management industry? This practical, hands-on course provides a solid grounding in environmental and natural resource management with an emphasis on technical skills for field work.

Each study day is different and you will spend a great deal of time outside the classroom. You will be travelling on regular field trips to our fantastic State and National Parks, coastal environments and catchment areas, increasing your employability skills and gaining industry contacts.

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Are you looking to enter the landscape industry, or perhaps get a taste of the trade before undertaking an apprenticeship? This entry-level course is designed to give you the core skills and knowledge for the industry, and introduce you to various aspects of landscape construction. As a hands-on course, you`ll learn to assist with landscape construction work, construct timber retaining walls, install aggregate paths, lay paving, install irrigation, and recognise plants.

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Do you have an interest in the environment, enjoy being outdoors and hands-on work? Then this program is ideal for you. The course will equip you with comprehensive skills and knowledge to enter a range of natural resource management industries.