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This course is structured for people wanting to enter into the Natural Health industry and focusses on all basic aspects of Naturopathy. The core modules give a solid grounding in Nutrition, Medicinal Herbs and Health And Wellbeing and then you can choose 3 electives according to the field you would want to work in.

Natural Health Consultants provide care to their clients in a holistic way where they treat them with healing therapies like Massage, Reiki, Nutritional medicine, Healthy Lifestyle, Herbal Medicine, and Aromatherapy. The course combines these with the foundation knowledge of the human body and biochemistry to give the student a well-rounded education to provide their clients with the best possible advice and care.

People working in the Natural Health Industry enjoy a great career and as we tend to lean more and more on ways to treat ourselves naturally, alternative therapies are well sought after. Enquire now and find out more about this very unique course.

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This course is excellent for people looking to enter into a career in Natural Therapies or have a passion for Alternative and Complementary Medicine. You can practice as a fully insured Nutritional therapist/Natural health consultant recognised by IICT and ACONT. Alternatively you can choose to enter into a Bachelors degree with the pathway we have.

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While providing a comprehensive grounding and foundation knowledge across natural medicine modalities, the course requires around half of the contact hours required of a clinical degree program and it is completely delivered online.

The Bachelor of Complementary Medicine provides students with a broad perspective on the scope of this dynamic field, in the overall context of public health, ethics, research, health promotion and health behaviour. The course is designed for students who are interested in the Complementary Medicine field as a whole and are interested in careers other than Clinical Practitioner.

Students will learn a broad range of theoretical topics including biological sciences, social sciences, naturopathy, nutrition, acupuncture, musculoskeletal therapies, homeopathy and public health and health promotion. Complementary Medicine also has an extensive suite of elective subjects to allow students to specialise in areas of interest.

Public interest in Complementary Medicine is strong, driving ever-increasing investment in the field, and pushing for its integration into the rapidly evolving healthcare landscape that will be increasingly dominated by multidisciplinary and integrative teams. This course will prepare students for employment in a variety of fields including public health, public administration, health administration and social work.

Career outcomes include but are not limited to; clinic or health retreat management, facilitator in behavioural change support programs, policy advisor in government or private sector business, health store owner/operator and a variety of positions in the complementary medicine supply chain.