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Do you love animals? Have you always thought about working with animals professionally? But not sure where to start? Then our Vet Assistant course is perfect for you!

This Vet Assistant course is the ideal starting point for anyone who is looking to work with animals on a professional level. Designed for those students that have not completed any studies in Veterinary training, the Vet Assistant course starts with the fundamentals of working in a veterinary clinic, including Veterinary processes, procedures and even Veterinary administration.

The Vet Assistant online course is designed to help you secure an entry-level role in Veterinary care facilities and then from there, you could proceed to complete a Vet Nurse Certificate and climb the industry ladder.

Start studying your vet assistant certificate today and propel yourself into the future you have always wanted

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The animal welfare industry predominantly focuses on supporting an animal’s wellbeing and assessing its environmental conditions, in addition to dealing with managing animal behaviour and rehabilitation.

Have you ever felt strongly about animal rights? Do you want to make a difference to their quality of life? This course can give you the fundamental knowledge of how to support these beloved creatures and help you to pursue roles in animal sanctuaries, pet shops, zoos and other private organisations.

This Certificate in Animal Welfare covers everything from potential problems around disease prevention, appropriate shelter, nutrition and humane handling.

Being one of the more comprehensive Animal Welfare courses online, this course has been specifically designed from the ground up by industry professionals. Each unit has been created to help you develop a strong understanding of the industry, elevating your expertise above others looking to succeed in this highly competitive industry.

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Working as a vet assistant can be rewarding and yet it’s also a highly skilled field that demands the highest quality skills and knowledge. You can gain these skills and get a competitive edge that will set you apart to employers with this certificate for vet assistants.

Our certificate starts with the foundational ideas and knowledge you’ll need to understand, protect, and help maintain the health of a variety of different pets, wildlife, and farm animals. This includes therapies, disease prevention, and animal nursing.

From there, you’ll gain more specialised skills with an in-depth look at animal diseases. This includes an overview of diagnosis, the principles of disease, and interventions. If you want to be really in demand and useful in the veterinary industry, this course is the ideal way to get started.