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Starting your own business can be a difficult and financially straining feat. Photography is an especially tough industry to break in to on a professional level which is why we offer this course. It’s been specifically designed over 15 years and is now the best professional photography business certificate course out there.

Firstly, it will teach you the fundamentals of digital photography including lighting, aperture, shutter speed, composition and colour. From there you will progress to post-production training where you will be taught how to appropriately use software such as Photoshop and Lightroom. At the conclusion of the course, you will get a crash course in social media marketing to help advertise your business and establish a customer base.

Wanting to start a business in professional photography but unsure where to start? This course is perfect for you.

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The CPP30316 Certificate III in Cleaning Operations will introduce you to the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the competitive cleaning industry.

You’ll learn how to manage work priorities, use and maintain cleaning chemicals and equipment safely by task type, and to deliver effective customer service.

Focus is on the latest cleaning techniques, chemical safety and industrial equipment for commercial, domestic and speciality cleaners.

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Whether you have a great idea for a business, you’re seeking to develop your skills while in an existing business, or you want to improve your qualifications for future employment, Monarch’s BSB42618 Certificate IV in New Small Business course will arm you with the knowledge and skills to achieve your goals. You will analyse the feasibility of a business idea or the health of an existing business, consider the operational elements of managing a small business, and be armed with the knowledge to sell products and services through proven business management planning.

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Are you employed full time but thinking about starting your own small business? Do you have a great idea and need the know-how to take it from concept to reality? This nationally recognised qualification will teach you how to investigate and assess small business opportunities to get you started towards realising your dream.

You’ll develop the knowledge to create proposals, arrange finances and develop a digital action plan. Through the course, you’ll also build “real world” skills to establish business networks, and apply critical thinking skills to common challenges in establishing a viable business.

The qualification is designed for both those looking to launch a new micro business venture, and current business owners who want to formalise their practical knowledge.

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This nationally recognised agribusiness course has been designed to equip you with business skills to develop and implement the administrative and operational requirements associated with agricultural production and services.  This course is suited to individuals who may be required to supervise and lead other workers or teams and be involved in some decision-making.  Work may take place in a range of industry sectors and complex, regularly changing environments.

The Program has been designed in consultation with industry leaders within the agribusiness profession. It includes industry engagement, case studies and field trips to develop your networking and decision-making skills that will enable you to manage and direct an agricultural enterprise successfully.

Blended delivery combines online content with face to face workshops, and is self-paced learning.  This unique delivery helps with learning and embedding of learning practices. Participants will undertake a minimum of 10 -15 hours of study per week, for the duration of the course. This includes reading, research and completion of activities in preparation of the workshops.